Vintage Kimono + Contemporary Fashion

Ultimate Sustainability Driven Design

Kimonos are crafted without altering precious silk fabrics so that they can always go back to their original form

''Rediscovering the Finest Vintage Kimono Silks''

In praise of this wonderful life cycle of
Japanese silk fabrics GALLERY SHILI reclaims
beautiful vintage Kimonos so their silks can be
enjoyed again in the shape of contemporary fashion.

''No Need for New Designs Every Season''

With endless silk patterns to be found,
there is no need for the ever-changing design.
Every piece is different and unique
as each item is reborn from
one of a kind vintage Kimono.

''Slow Fashion, as slow as Tradition''

Each design remains unchanged throughout the years,
conceived to be timeless and always contemporary,
pursuing an understated elegance,
indeed GALLERY SHILI is proud to be a brand of
slow fashion, as slow as tradition.