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Ultimate Sustainability Driven Design

The kimono is made of precious silk fabric so that it can always return to its original shape without any modification.

'World-Class Lessons on Zero-Waste''

Designers around the world are inspired by the traditional way of making clothes to eliminate waste of fabric.GALLERY SHILI is inspired by zero waste kimonos and proposes a modern zero waste look.・ルックを提案します。

The New York Times, 2022. 08. 31

''Evolution of Vintage Kimono''

The worn fabrics Park uses for her clothing line also offer something that brands using virgin materials lack: stories and a connection to the past... It is details like that that make her designs more intriguing.

Bloomberg Business, June 12, 2022

''Design that gives a feeling of friendliness and crispness of clean air''

There are many recycled kimono fashions out there, but Park's designs are particularly dynamic and eye-catching with a flexible update to fit the lifestyle of today's woman.

Think the Earth, September 18, 2022